Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Engaging our Theological Diversity

Is what the Unitarian Univesalist Commission on Appraisal named this report.

I'm not sure what it means to engage a report. I'll read it. And I'll comment on it here though.

It is the discussion surrounding the release of the pdf version of the report that started me with this blog.

Also a sense that Liberal Politics and Liberal Religion very different things. I wanted to a seperate blog to keep my thoughts on both apart.

What's Liberal Religion?

I couldn't tell you.

I hope this blog will tell.

I attend the Unitarian Universalist Society of Geneva, Illinois and while it's a Liberal Church, I find my political beliefs becoming increasingly more conservative.

Or sometimes I feel I'm still politically radical while the left plunges further and further into isolationism and sad flirtation with anti-semitism. I see what Andrew Sullivan called the politics of resentment when he wrote The Wages of Hate: Anti-semitism and the war and fear it will drag down the Liberal Church much as it's dragging down Liberal Politics.

Lutherans amongst us

I can trace some of may family to Rhineland-Pflaz in Germany as far back as 1530. I found a line of six Lutheran Pastors there starting with Petrus Streccius (Streck) (1530-1611). He probably latinized Streck to Streccius to reflect his education and standing as a minister. There are five more Streccius Pastors ending with Johann Caspar Streccius (1713-1782).

One, Caspar Streccius (1560-1656) was a poet and wrote some tragic poetry about the 30 Years War.

I'm not a Lutheran, and not much for genealogy; but I feel history's weight and chose their name because they provide a starting point for my own religious path.