Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Lutherans amongst us

I can trace some of may family to Rhineland-Pflaz in Germany as far back as 1530. I found a line of six Lutheran Pastors there starting with Petrus Streccius (Streck) (1530-1611). He probably latinized Streck to Streccius to reflect his education and standing as a minister. There are five more Streccius Pastors ending with Johann Caspar Streccius (1713-1782).

One, Caspar Streccius (1560-1656) was a poet and wrote some tragic poetry about the 30 Years War.

I'm not a Lutheran, and not much for genealogy; but I feel history's weight and chose their name because they provide a starting point for my own religious path.


Diane said...

I didn't know you started this blog, Bill. If you have Lutherans in your ancestry, you're A O K.

Bill Baar said...

LOL, I started it because I thought so many Unitarian Universalists mixed politics and religion too much, and didn't want to fall into the same rut. So I made two blogs.

It's harder to do Theology and religous thinking. It's easier to shoot from the hip with politics.

Uwe had a nice thought on the need to be thankful though. I liked that. Say what ever one wants about school prayer, I would argue no kid has ever been hurt saying grace at lunch time.