Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Fixing Unitarian Universalism

Chalice Chick started the thread here and others have picked up on it: A People So Bold!, Scot Wells, and Liberal Faith Development (who conservatively advises caution).

Fausto commented here ...most UUs who don't find much worthwhile in the UUA simply ignore it most of the time, but the online ones happen to be talking about it right now. In a couple of months we'll probably be talking about something else.

He could be right but I wonder if the rise of the bloggers has changed that.

But I just finished Douglas A. Sweeny's The American Evangelical Story. Sweeny noted,
They [Evangelicals] accomplished these things [the evangelical movement] with the help of a new communications network that linked evangelicals living in Europe and North America. Historians refer to the eighteenth century as the great age of letter writing. In God's providence, evangelicals could now stay in touch with one another quite easily, and they did, exchanging tens of thousands of pieces of correspondence. This was also the time of the rise of British magazines and newspapers, media used by Christians both to promote the cause of revival and to inform interested parties about God's work around the world. In fact, several Protestant leaders founded their own periodicals to convey intelligence regarding the progress of the gospel. Famous examples include George Whitefield's Evangelical Magazine, Thomas Prince's Christian History, Jabes Robe's Christian Monthly History, and John Wesley's Arminian Magazine.
Maybe a Great Awakening among UUs is at hand.

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