Sunday, January 08, 2006

I need someone to say ‘thank you’ to

St. Thomas Aquinas called beauty "the splendor of order," and the church father St. Gregory of Nyssa saw beauty as God's uncreated energy. But there is nothing exclusively Christian about the insight that God and beauty are inseparable, and that creating beauty is one of humanity’s most noble endeavors. “Whichever way I turn I see the face of God,” says the Koran referring to nature’s loveliness. As a journalist covering the burgeoning dialogue between theology and science I found that, of all scientists, astrophysicists from every culture were most inclined to acknowledge God’s existence.

When asked about this phenomenon they usually respond that the breathtaking beauty of the universe leaves them no option. “Why do I believe in the Creator?” a Hindu cosmologist asked rhetorically. “Because,” he went on, “I need someone to say ‘thank you’ to.”

From Uwe Siemon-Netto's new blog. I've wondered why Physics seemed excempt from America's Science vs God debates and thought the Calculus requirement for Physics just weeded out most players in the debate (it got me). But I like the Hindu cosmologists response above. I know for certain I have a need to say 'thank you' for much.

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Robin Edgar said...

See the "Eye of God" on World Day of Conscience March 29th, 2006 and feel most welcome to say thank-you. . .