Sunday, May 28, 2006

Joliet UU's Rev. Emily Gage reviews How the Other Half Worships

In today's Chicago Tribune Book section Images of religious life among America's urban poor are a revelation. She reviews Camilo Jose Vergara's How the Other Half Worships .
Over a period of 30 years, Vergara photographed, visited and interviewed pastors, deacons, ministers and members of these various communities. Along with the images there is a kind of oral history, with insights and reflections from the worshippers and church builders. There is a quality of unvarnished realism in these quotes. Bishop B.J. Luckett of Plain Truth Mission Church states succintly:

"I got shot through my neck during the course of a robbery. I became a preacher very quickly after and never looked back."
One reason I have no quarrel at all with Evangelicals. There's often that unvarnished realism among them that makes their whorsip more humanistic.

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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Doug Muder: Red Family, Blue Family -- the sermon

We discussed this sermon by Doug Muder last night at UUSG's Framing the Discussion discussion. I found it troubling sermon on many levels.

Muder has the sermon posted on his blog and I posted a comment.

I'll try to forward it to some conservative Chrisitans I know because Muder does make some assertions about them and it would be worthwhile getting their feedback.

I'll try and return with more comments either on Doug's blog or here. Depending on how it flows.