Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Jesus rode a donkey

Jim Brown writing on the political summit at Iliff Theological Seminary.
The political summit at Iliff Theological Seminary in Denver drew Democratic Party leaders, academics, pollsters, and members of the clergy. According to Associated Press, some of the participants said Democrats do not need to change their position on abortion or same-sex "marriage," but need only to emphasize the morality of helping the poor or protecting the environment. A table at the conference was stacked with new books from the religious left, and bumper stickers that read "Jesus rode a donkey."
...the sponsors of the conference may have outdone themselves this time. "Here, in this case, we have the Democratic Party of Colorado actually holding an event on the campus of Methodist Iliffe Seminary there in Denver, brainstorming on how to attract religious people into the Democratic Party," he points out.

"I really would be hard pressed to think of any examples where the Republican Party has convened a similar event at a conservative seminary."

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