Saturday, September 02, 2006

Drug use, fabrication of alcohol, homosexual activity

Those were some of the charges in the arrest of the Iranian Poet Ali Akbar Saidi Sirjani .

Former Iranian President Mohammad Khatami visits Chicago this weekend and will be speaking to various religous leaders while here. They should speak truth to power and ask President Khatami about the questions Iranian dissidents have asked about Sirjani's death in prison.

His daughter Sayed said,
Sayeh, daughter of Iranian poet Ali Akbar Saiidi Sirjani who died in an Iranian jail 12 years ago, accused Khatami of being her father's "murderer" and asked the former president to take part in a public debate over his responsibility in the repression of the opposition in Iran.
And Iranian Woman wrote,

The US State Department has issued the visa for Khatami, and Reverend Peterson is inviting him to The Center for Global Justice and Reconciliation. Reverend Canon John L. Peterson at or (202) 537-5745

Khatami's team MURDERED Saidi Sirjani in 1994. Khatami became the president of the Islamic Republic after this Murder and the system continued killing intellectuals and WHO EVER had a secular belief.

Also the Persian Gay and Lesbian Organization on criminalization of homosexuality in Iran including some paragraphs on Sirjani's case.

Gov Blagojevich's Human Rights Commission should be standing in front of that Mosque in Streamwood asking why.

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