Saturday, November 18, 2006

Zimbabwe: This cull is not an act of God.

From the Independent via NormsBlog,
The World Health Organisation has plotted this precipitous fall in women's mortality in the former British colony from 65, little more than a decade ago, to today's low. Speaking privately, WHO officials admitted to The Independent that the real number may be as low as 30, as the present figures are based on data collected two years ago.

The reasons for this plunge are several. Zimbabwe has found itself at the nexus of an Aids pandemic, a food crisis and an economic meltdown that is killing an estimated 3,500 people every week. That figure is more than those dying in Iraq, Darfur or Lebanon. In war-torn Afghanistan, where women's plight has received global attention, life expectancy is still above 40.

This cull is not an act of God. It is a catastrophe aggravated by the ruthless, kleptocratic reign of Robert Mugabe, in power since independence in 1980. The Mugabe regime has succeeded in turning a country once fêted as the breadbasket of Africa into a famished and demoralised land deserted by its men of working age, with its women left to die a silent death.
And from Micahael Quinlin on the shift in meaning of the word Cull.
So cull has shifted sense from “selection of the best” to “mass disposal”. Not a good move, you may feel.
Well, the new meaing fits this story.... a mass disposal this is. A disposal we in the west indifferent too, and no act of the Gods for sure.

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The Emerson Avenger said...

The Zimbabwe "food crisis" like the "food crisis" in the Ukraine during the 1930's is largely, if not totally, artificial and due to Mugabe's misguided policy of driving white farmers off of their farms. Zimbabwe was once the "breadbasket" of Africa just as the Ukraibe was the "breadbasket of the Stalinist Soviet Union. Mugabe is responsible for creating an artificial famine that is now killing his own people.