Sunday, December 03, 2006

For all the UU's who thought Dick Cheney was the war profiteer

Here's what the chief fund raiser for Illinois's Gov Blagojevich was up too in Iraq. From the Chicago Sun Times,
Federal authorities are investigating an Iraqi power plant deal involving Antoin "Tony" Rezko, a former top fund-raiser for Gov. Blagojevich charged with defrauding Illinois taxpayers.
Investigators want to talk to Iraq's jailed former electricity minister, Aiham Alsammarae, about how Rezko landed the potentially lucrative contract, a source familiar with the probe told the Chicago Sun-Times.

Alsammarae, who holds dual U.S.-Iraqi citizenship and has a house in Oak Brook, helped Rezko get the deal, another source said.

Rezko and others in the venture were to own the plant and sell electricity back to the Iraqis, but the Iraqi government still was to pay a substantial portion of construction costs, that source added.


Philocrites said...

Whew! Sure glad to see Cheney exonerated!

Meanwhile, for all the UUs who thought Dick Cheney was the democracy-promoting genius of the liberation of Iraq, there's excellent news today: Democracy is on the march in Iraq as millions vote with their feet and flee the country!

Bill Baar said...

Rezko's been indicted and out on Bond Phil... Cheney hasn't been indicted for a thing.

Philocrites said...

Well, I've never said that Cheney is a war profiteer, and I haven't seen evidence that he is. But I'm amused by your line of thinking: some other guy (affiliated with a Democrat?) is a war profiteer, therefore Cheney isn't. You should go into law!

Cheney is evidently guilty of much worse, though: pressing throughout his decades-long career for aggrandized presidential power, no matter what, under cover of every crisis -- leading to egregious abuses of power including the invasion of Iraq without a plan, the use of unreliable and inhumane intelligence methods, and the "rendering" of people without charge to secret prisons and months of torture, to mention only a few of his wondrous deeds, not to mention the terrible blow all these actions have struck to US credibility. Throughout which, yes, his friends have profited handsomely.

But if it makes you happy to shine Cheney's shoes because there's a corrupt Democrat somewhere, go right ahead.

Bill Baar said...

But I'm amused by your line of thinking: some other guy (affiliated with a Democrat?) is a war profiteer, therefore Cheney isn't. You should go into law!

The syllogism oft heard from the left, was...

The war in Iraq was a war for oil. It was blood for oil

Cheney's Halliburton won a DoD contract under Logcap process to provide logistical support on a sole source basis in event of war.

We got a war, Halliburton did the logistics, hence Cheney a profiteer.

I've argued many places LogCap didn't work that way. It was in fact a process to avoid the US Gov getting gouged during war time but people glaze over with the green eye shade stuff.

Then we find the Business partner of the wife of our Gov, our Gov's Chief fund raiser now under indictment for shaking down contributors, and a man Sen Obama has regretted dealing with in the purchase of Obama's million dollar home, is also involved with another Chicagoan who the Iraqi government has imprisoned for contract shenanigans.

It's not amusing at all... it's sadly real. Rezko is going flip to Fitzgerald and take down many Illinois Democrats.