Thursday, December 07, 2006

Sewell quotes Kerry

She doesn't allow comments but posts on the Iraq Study Group and quotes Kerry,
"Who would want to ask someone to be the last soldier to die in a war that should never have been fought?" (or something to that effect)
Get a copy of Frank Snepps Decent Interval and check the index for Bill Guy and Jim Brown. They were with the Defense Audit Service in Saigon, and were some of the last Americans to leave.

I worked with Brown in the Pentagon in the early 80s, and a third guy; who I'll call CA. CA worked for Brown and left on a baby flight just before the one that crashed killing about 150.

CA told me he never thought the United States would abandon the Vietnamese. Right up until the end he thought the B52s would come in like the calvary and save the day.

We've allied ourselves in Iraq with Arab and Kurd, Shia and Sunni, Muslims, Christians, and Secularists. They die every day in a fight that is just as much ours: a fight for the chance for a liberal and just society in the middle east.

Raïd Fahmi is an Iraqi Communist and Iraq's Minister for Science and Culture. The French Communist daily l’Humanité interviewed Fahmi and he spoke these words to the Peace Movement.
What we need, is for those who support the independence of Iraq, and this country’s development, wherever they may be in the world, to express their solidarity for those who are fighting for these objectives. Unfortunately, stances have been taken by some of these forces which play in favor of political currents which are opposed to democracy. On the one hand, they talk about democracy and secularism, but in fact, they take positions which weaken, rather than reinforce the democratic and progressive trends in the country.
Sewell's words weaken democracy and progressive thought in Iraq. Realism her words may be, but lets not dress them up otherwise. If one can't express solidarity with some noble Comrades, just say so.

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