Thursday, March 15, 2007

Haidar's Hero: Ayatollah Sistani

via IraqSlogger.

Sistani would get my vote. Haider writes Iraqslogger,
It is clear for everyone that Ayatollah Sistani was the first highest religious authority in Iraq, which is a religious society, who established a fatwa (in English: religious order) that forbids any single aggressive act against any Baathist or against any governmental office.

Ayatollah Sistani was the first for calling for new, free and quick elections to choose the National Assembly where they can choose people to write the recent permanent constitution.

Ayatollah Sistani was against all types of discrimination. He met all tribes and also met Christian clerics who were impressed by his assuring for the unity of all of Iraq and that people from all types of religion must be treated as brothers and sisters.

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