Saturday, March 17, 2007

How much is Unitarian Universalism typically American?

Reignite asks a very good question.
How much is Unitarian Universalism typically American? How much is Unitarian Universalism tied to the US American culture? This is probably a question that gets Canadian Unitarians going more than anyone else.

So much of what UUs speak and preach about is very tied to American culture. I heard a sermon about Abraham Lincoln the other day. A lot of what gets talked about is internal American politics, and the social justice dimension is always more American than global.
One reason I'm a UU is because it is so much United States of America. Penty to think about in this post and I'll come back to it.

Quick immediate thoughts:

Matt commented in response to a suggestion US ministers move to the UK: There is a further question - how many congregations could actually support a full-time minister? I'm certain Evangelicals would rephrase that into: how long would we support an Evangelical Minister until your congregation could support him/her?

And regarding, ...the social justice dimension is always more American than global, please read my comments on our failure to express solidarity with liberal Muslims.


Comrade Kevin said...

When I was deeply involved with YA affairs with Canadians, I learned that they found themselves so dissatisfied with the way that Americans had defined UUism as a concept that they literally disbanded all association with the UUA.

Now they are the CUC, Canadian Unitarian Council.

But if you want to really talk about groups being disenfranchised--look at UK Unitarians. Their congregations are largely greying and hanging on by a thread. Does anyone know there are Unitarians in the United Kingdom? Why, yes. Yes there are.

Robin Edgar said...

For the time being. . .