Saturday, March 24, 2007

Starr King's YouTube Ad

Here it is over at Starr King's site. I had a hard time getting the YouTube version to play.

CahaliceBlog, Cuumbaya, and UU Enforcer all gave it a deserved thumbs-down. Joel inflicts dial-up users with the transcript,
The sole speaker is a student, Neal Anderson. Here is what he says: “I chose Starr King School for the Ministry because it best encapsulated the values that I have and the values that I wanted to expand upon. The explicit dedication to educating to counter oppression was very important to my call to ministry. I wanted to grow in my understanding of how Unitarian Universalism can live the countering of oppression in the world, and also how we as Unitarian Universalists can build sustainable and justice centered communities.”
Others deconstructed the above. I'm from Chicago so let me just add geez Neal sounds like a sap here. Can't he just say I want to fight the oppressor?

He's so abstract I don't have a clue what he means. I worry he'll graduate without a clue himself if he keeps this up.

Here's some video from Chicago's NBC news (it's violent and not for the faint) of a drunken Chicago Cop beating a woman barkeeper for refusing him another drink.

I belong to progressive blog in Chicago and asked the others there why they didn't speak out. We've had a pattern of abuse by Chicago Police for years. There had been nil posts on police brutality, and I thought local progressives too busy speaking out about the Patriot Act and missed the real oppression in the City. (Maybe because in one of the bluest of States, elected progressives might share some of the responsibility for the abuse?)

Read the comments back. The first blamed George Bush.

I'd hope Starr King would teach how we fight this oppression. Teach us what to do when confronted personally or as citizens viewing the YouTube afterwards.

Keep the talk concrete, because abstract talk leads to abstract solutions like blaming George Bush.

Maybe the response to Starr King is take the Divinity School into the taverns. Scholars may not meet God there but pick the right one and they can certainly meet the Devil incarnate without any abstraction.

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