Sunday, April 15, 2007

Congregations Come First blog

Boy in the Band finds a link to a UU Blog with this mission,
The Congregations Come First (CCF) Team was formed by the Unitarian Universalist Association Moderator to find ways to remove organizational obstacles to congregational health and vitality. The Team's goal is to recommend actions that will ensure equitable allocation of resources for service and support of our congregations and their missions. The Team welcomes your input as they gather information and formulate recommendations to report to the UUA Board in January of 2008.
The lad in the Band writes,
If there’s a task the common Unitarian Universalist blogosphere can hold — and something that would benefit every constituency and interest group – is applying continual pressure about Unitarian Universalist internal politics and asking for clarification.
Ok, so what's this CCF blog all about and why aren't they blogging more about it?

I'm baffled.

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Robin Edgar said...

U*Us might want to ask for some clarification about this. . .