Saturday, August 25, 2007

Accotink Unitarian Universalist and the GOP

Dana Milbank in WaPo,
The sign outside Accotink Unitarian Universalist Church in Burke announces that it is a "liberal, welcoming religious community." For Rep. Tom Davis yesterday, it was more liberal than welcoming.

The Virginia Republican, a possible Senate candidate who supports the Iraq war, had bravely agreed to attend a meeting of the antiwar Americans Against Escalation in Iraq. It was a journey into the belly of the beast, and Davis got out in one piece. Almost.

He accepted -- but did not drink from -- the bottle of water with the sticker saying "Iraq War/Wrong Way." He spoke from the lectern with the poster demanding "Representative Davis . . . End This War." He politely endured shouts from the audience: "Chicken hawks! Impeach Bush! Our children are dying! You didn't answer the question!"

Then, as the moderator tried to bring the forum to an amicable close, a man in the second row stood up. "This has been a terrible meeting!" shouted David Kuebrich. "Let's not thank Representative Davis, who has been for the most part lock-stepping with the Bush administration."

Others applauded, booed Davis and joined in the protest. The congressman, buttonholed by angry activists, beat a hasty retreat, pushing aside chairs to get out of the church.
HT CUUMBYA who noted,
I’m surprised at rep. Davis’ naiveté- surely he didn’t expect a Republican to get a polite reception at a UU church. He must be a masochist.
Well, yes, I would have expected a polite reception.

But always be ready to fight the good fight too Congressman Davis. When Religous Liberals are prepared to abandoned people who fight against those who blow up Mosques , it's worth enduring a few slurs to advance the cause.

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Robin Edgar said...

It should be noted that the U*U "church" in question seems to have been hosting a public event and thus non-U*Us may well have made up many if not most of the participants. That being said, the uncivil and outright hostile behaviour of some of the participants is not untypical of how I have seen a good number of U*Us behave.