Saturday, September 29, 2007

Rev Sinkford's statement on Myanmar: video of Monks praying as soldiers shoot in Burma

Compare Sinkford and Laura Bush comments on the brave people of Myanmar in the video below:

The people of Burma/Myanmar are in our thoughts and prayers.The images we've seen and the stories we've heard of the brave and inspirational witness offered by Buddhist religious leaders and citizens have touched our hearts and souls. Their peaceful protest against a cruel and repressive government is a notable moment in the multi-generational struggle for peace, liberty and justice in our world. The arrests, the killings, and all the forms of violence which they have suffered in response from the government are entirely unjustified. We stand in spiritual solidarity with the people of Burma as they risk their safety even as further governmental reprisals occur. We pray for their well-being, their vision, and their commitment.
Laura Bush,
The United States stands with the people of Burma. We support their demands for basic human rights: freedom of speech, worship, and assembly. We cannot--and will not--turn our attention from courageous people who stand up for democracy and justice.
Laura Bush asks Americans to stand with Myanmar. Rev. Sinford talks about their notable monent in the multi-generational struggle (I guess be patient Burma... wonder how this translates into Burmese? ) Bush says America will commit to do. Rev Sinford tells Myanmar we'll feel their suffering and our spirtual solidarity.

Sinkford's words are not worthy to speak too a people in a great struggle. They should not wait for generations. The Methodist Librarian lady knows it. The Rev. from Boston seems lost.

This is a tragedy.


Robin Edgar said...

Well other than that "multi-generational" U*USpeak the statement is not all that bad on the surface. Of course, from where I stand, I see the outrageously hypocritical double*standards that UUA president Bill Sinkford is applying here, to say nothing of those in his remarkably two-faced Petition For Peace. . .

Alex said...

I am needing to disagree with your reading of Rev. Sinkford's and Mrs. Bush's comments.

1. I believe the "multi-generational" struggle he is referring to is the one we *all* participate in. Not just the Burmese struggle.

2. Rev. Sinkford is the one who uses the phrase "We stand in spiritual solidarity with the people of Burma as they risk their safety even as further governmental reprisals occur". Mrs. bush does not say "We stand".

3. Mrs. Bush is the First Lady of the United States of America. She is a figure head in the last remaining World Super Power. Its easy for her to say--in vague terms--that the United States will work for values we already believe in. Rev. Sinkford is the spiritual leader of a quarter of a million religious folks. U*U's do not have the political or economic ware withal to make any more promises than spiritual solidarity.