Thursday, October 04, 2007

Sinkford, Geldof, and arrogant unilaterialists

As Rev Sinkford wanders the halls of Congress, petition in hand, as monks are slaughtered in Burma, I wonder if he hasn't missed the arrogant unilateralism of China instead; and maybe ought wander over to their Embassy. The Rock Star knows better the source of cruelty,"
I was in Darfur 20 years ago and people were killing each other then. It's an ancient battle between nomadic people and settled people, between Arab Africans and black Africans, between Islam and Christians ... The reason why it has not been resolved is because of China," Geldof said.


goodwolve said...

I have wondered about the China problem for years. Why do you speculate that we don't attack that head on?

Bill Baar said...

We?... attack?

Not sure I follow your thought here.

Do you mean UU's or the United States?

I suggest our Rev. Sinkford pay a visit to the Chineses Embassy and nail a protest to the door as a demonstration we know that there is an arrogant power at work in the world and it's abetting immense suffering.

Geldof cuts through the mumbo jumbo about US imperialism and gets to the heart of it I think.

That's an excellant start.