Sunday, July 20, 2008

सुरक्षा के Unitarian Universalist सोसायटी जिनेवा इलिनाय

सुरक्षा के Unitarian Universalist सोसायटी जिनेवा इलिनाय

हमारी सुरक्षा ( में लिखा 1842 )
व्यावहारिक को बढ़ावा देने के इच्छुक होने के नाते दुनिया में अच्छाई है , और एक दूसरे की सहायता में हमारी नैतिक और धार्मिक सुधार , हमने खुद को एक साथ जुड़ा नहीं राय के रूप में सहमति नहीं , सार्वभौमिक सत्य के रूप में प्राप्त करने में विश्वास या पूर्णता में चरित्र है , लेकिन चाहने वालों के रूप में सत्य के बाद और भलाई है .

Moral Value of life at its different stages

Tried to respond to Ruth's question to no avail, so will do it here.
In response to Bill:
Various authors and philosophers have given us a variety of ways to test our value as a society. These also include how we treat criminals and animals. Asking which we should use and which we should enforce are two very different questions.
Let's forget enforcement and just ask what we should use.

What calculus tells us the different moral values of a human life (forget animals for the moment too) at our different stages of life?

What calculus tells us an embryo has a different moral value than the senior robbed of consciousness by Alzheimer's?

How do we determine all of these different values from the moment of our creation to the moment of our destruction?

What system to you use here Ruth, or you also Dr. Haffner?


Faith Based Programs in Chicago

From the Trib's Why are these kids typing on unplugged computers? via Rich Miller.
The legislative leaders chose recipients before the groups filed formal applications. The board of education later sent applications and received often-sparse details back. They awarded the money but never visited the programs to see if they existed.

According to interviews with recipients, Hendon sponsored 44 of the 48 grants reviewed by the Tribune. He said he works hard in Springfield rounding up votes for Blagojevich and Senate Democrats. "I deserve more money," he said. "I fall on all the swords down there."

Of the 44 grants Hendon awarded, at least 21 went to people who campaigned for him or donated to his re-election efforts, the Tribune found. Hendon said he wasn't rewarding campaign workers; they just happened to apply.

"I'm equal opportunity," said Hendon, adding that he approved about 75 percent of the applications he received. "I'll consider anyone for a grant."

The senator said it's the state board's responsibility to police the programs.
Wait for Obama to give Emil Jones & Co real money to spread as Prez.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

العهد للديانة الموحدين المجتمع جنيف

ونحن العهد (كتبت في 1842)
ويجري ورغبة منها في تشجيع عملية الخير في العالم ، وللمساعدة كل منهما الأخرى في مسؤوليتنا الاخلاقيه والدينية التحسن ، أيدنا معا - ليس الاتفاق في الرأي ، وليس كما حال بلوغ العالمية او المعتقد في الحقيقة ذات طابع الكمال ، ولكن كما طالبي بعد الحقيقة والخير.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Jaume on UUA: …it will be hard to be relevant and to speak with a single, consistent voice.

Jaume comments regarding UUA:
Unless American UUism makes a decision about whether they are a single body, or a conglomeration of congregations, associations, or religions, it will be hard to be relevant and to speak with a single, consistent voice.
My Church associates each Sunday
...not as agreeing in opinion, not as having attained universal truth in belief or perfection in character, but as seekers after truth and goodness.
We're relevant without speaking in a single or consistent voice. Why should UUA latch relevancy to unity, or need a single and consistent voice? And who would enforce that single voice consistent over time? Unitarianism has hardly been that and many Liberals would argue progress is all about the evolution (change) of that voice over time. Tomorrow's voice carries more wisdom than yesterday's and change is good. Not sure I buy that, but it's case against the strait jacket of consistency.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Multiple Obama's on Faith Based Programs

The Obama you read, the Obama you hear, and the Obama you see vote: that's the Obama triad.

Obama wrote in the Audacity of Hope he was a blank screen upon which different people projected different views.

Here's Michael Goldfarb showing the media getting tangled with Obama's blank-screen on the same day.
Obama seems to be on both sides of every issue, but it's rare that he's on both sides of an issue on the same day.

Headline number one, from the Associate Press:
"Obama to expand Bush's faith based programs"

Headline number two, from the Politico:
"Obama to scrap Bush faith-based office"
Also UU Rev Tittle: Obama's faith-based initiative won't work I've seen the programs do good things. Notably the homeless housing for Vets with Catholic Charities at St. Leo's in Chicago. But it's a source of political patronage too. I'd vote against my Church accepting Fed Funds probably.