Thursday, February 26, 2009

UU A Way of Life

A remarkable post.

I left a circle of UU's at a near loss for words once when I told them I found destroying human embryos for medical research (and eventually therapies) immoral.

I can't differentiate the moral worth of a human being at any stage of life. So I apply the rules on human medical research from conception to grave.

Our talk came to an abrupt end save a reply they're not embryos, they're blastocysts; which is exactly what this little grey mass on the image I clipped from the post appears to be.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

William Perry and Iran

Maybe fellow UU Perry met with Iranians on Obama's behalf last year, and now he's saying this as of a few weeks ago,
"If North Korea and Iran cannot be contained, we face the real danger of a cascade of proliferation" of nuclear armed-states, he said. "Indeed, I believe that today we are clearly at the tipping point of nuclear proliferation. And if the world does tip, it will be irreversible and dangerous beyond the imagination of most people."
Troubles me far more than the economy. Given the Zinni fiasco I worry this administration not up for it.

Stuff for UU Peace Making groups to contemplate.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Basra, New Baghdad, and the Iraqi Elections

Pics from MNF-I's website. The Iraqi Policeman is in New Baghdad. The GI and kids in Basra. I was in Baghdad a year ago this Feb and Basra was no place for a GI to stroll then.

A big change.