Thursday, March 12, 2009

First Things on what we're doing to the developing world

I was a bit startled by this post last month at Inspired Faith Effective Action. It seemed pure partisan politics in defense of a murky stimulus package set to offer little immediate stimulus.

We UU's pay attention into whose pockets the money is going. Catholics take note of from whose pockets the money is coming, and to whom the money could have gone instead. Read David P. Goldman's Obama Inflicts Misery on the Developing World
Here’s a paradox for Obama supporters: The first American president with personal roots in the developing world (Kenyan father, Indonesian stepfather, childhood residence in Indonesia) is doing more harm to the developing world than any American in history. This is clear from a just-released World Bank report warning that the massive U.S. government borrowing requirement is crowding out developing nations in world capital markets.
Read the whole thing. Social Justice has to be more than handing out Democratic Party press releases with complete disregard for what our politics does to the rest of the world. At a time when Obama prepares to give us protectionism and shut our markets to the world, Catholics are talking about something radically different (and something Democrats who seem to dictate our Social Justic press releases would be loath to advocate),
It is a simple but revolutionary idea, proposed to the rich countries that are now in financial disarray: to invest a gigantic sum of money, not at home, but on behalf of poor countries, so that these may become the leaders of an economic boom to their own advantage and that of all. Over the span of a few decades, it would be the growth of poor countries that would repay the debt contracted by the rich countries, producing more wealth and prosperity.
I'd advocate the revolution.

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