Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Person of Faith (a UU?)

I'm reading (and in some cases rereading) every book by the recently passed John P. Diggins and came accross a quote (I forget from whom) in The Promise of Pragmatism about We live our faith, we don't live our beliefs.

Then I came accross this post from Peace Bang admiring Obama's reference to himself as a person of faith, and I wondered how many UU's would reference themselves as people of faith?

I rarely hear faith used in that context. My minister will talk about faith traditions, and our faith tradition, but I can't recall an instance of any UU I know talking about their faith as something lived.

I can recall a sermon where a UU minister told the congregation not to tell her what they believed. She said show us our budgets and what we do with our money (it was the pledge drive) and she would tell us what we believed (I guess by how we lived our faith as evidenced by the tax return), but that was really as close as I've heard it.

I've gotten into the habit recently of talking about faith vs beliefs a bit out of frustration from things like that new UU exercise with the range of beliefs in God and we ask people to literally stand somewhere on the range. For some reason that exercise has become a yawner for me.

Anyways, my early AM thought is I suspect most in my Congregation or in my past Congregations would be uncomfortable labeling themselves Persons of Faith.

Am I wrong with that perception? Maybe it's been in past sermons and I've just missed it.


Katie said...

I'm finishing The Marketing of Evil, couple that with Lent and it's apparent that our beliefs are formed through our faith which must be our daily way of life. We must stand with Jesus by carrying our cross daily and if that means going against the way of the world we can't back down. I laughed when I heard Obama refer to himself as a person of faith because it was so vague and because his actions do not support a person of christian faith.

smijer said...

You'll rarely catch me calling myself a "person of faith", but recently when asked I answered that I was "Unitarian Universalist".