Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Guardian: Iran protests: an eyewitness account

An email to The Guardian.
We gather up with my students on Saturdays for a private class. We cook and eat together, then talk of philosophy. This time there was no class. We only tried to keep up our morale. We were very determined but scared. That is how I can describe the most people who came out to attend the demonstration today. After the fierce speech at the Friday prayers, we knew that today we would be treated differently. We felt so vulnerable, more than ever, but at the same time were aware of our power, which, no matter how influential it is collectively, would have done little to protect us today. We could only take our bones and flesh to the streets and expose them to batons and bullets. Two different feelings fight inside you without mixing with one another. To live or to just be alive, that's the question.
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