Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Taliban execute Swat tribal leader

Bill Roggio wrote last summer on the Taliban's execution of Swat tribal leader Pir Samiullah,
A video of the aftermath of the brutal murder and public display of tribal leaders who dared to stand up to the Taliban in Swat last year has emerged.

The video, which was recently obtained by The Long War Journal, shows Swat tribal leader Pir Samiullah and two of his senior lieutenants after they were slaughtered by the Taliban in December 2008. The video was taken with a cell phone by a witness to the bloody event.

Samiullah is seen with a green headband; his body is leaned up against a wall. The bodies of his two senior most lieutenants were beheaded and hanged upside down from a pole.

Pir Samiullah after he was murdered in December 2008.

Pir Samiullah was a rival tribal and religious leader in the Matta region who rose up against Swat Taliban leader Mullah Fazlullah and Ibn Amim, the military commander of al Qaeda's Shadow Army in the Swat region.

According to sources in Pakistan, Samiullah incurred the wrath of Fazlullah not only for opposing Taliban rule, but Samiullah also challenged Fazlullah to a test of religious faith. Fazlullah declined the challenge and Samiullah taunted him.

Samiullah, his two senior lieutenants, and eight of his followers were killed during a Taliban assault on Dec. 16.

But displaying Samiullah and his aides' mutilated bodies was not enough. The Taliban returned to Samiullah's village, dug up his body, and hanged it in public.

Read more: http://www.longwarjournal.org/archives/2009/07/video_taliban_execut.php#ixzz0cRoUpIuG
Roggio's link is gone from YouTube but I find a link to the video here.

This is what the Taliban did when they took over the Swat as part of a deal with Pakistan. It's what the Taliban will do again where ever they are victorious. There is simply no equivalence to threat Muslims face from the Taliban and AQ, and what ever religous conflicts we face domestically. It's cruel to belittle the struggle facing Liberal/Moderate Islam to suggest any moral equivalency.

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