Monday, May 31, 2010

The Creating Peace SOC Endorsements

Count 'em yourself, they're seven of 'em and not one voice opposed as far as I can tell.

If I attended GA I'd vote for it, but during the give-and-take on the listserv the past few months I feel like I was the only one supporting the SOC. So I'm a little troubled to see the UU Heavy Hitters getting the only voices heard on the UU Peace Making site.

So that kind of control on the message peaceful? It's a bit heavy handed to me...

Friday, May 28, 2010

Boycott Massachusetts?

Via Mass. Senate passes crackdown on illegal immigrants
In a surprising turn of events, the legislation replaced a narrower bill that was passed Wednesday over the objections of Republicans.

The measure, which passed on a 28-10 vote as an amendment to the budget, would bar the state from doing business with any company found to break federal laws barring illegal immigrant hiring. It would also toughen penalties for creating or using fake identification documents, and explicitly deny in-state college tuition for illegal immigrants.

The amendment would also require the state’s public health insurance program to verify residency through the Department of Homeland Security, and would require the state to give legal residents priority for subsidized housing.

The amendment will now be part of negotiations with the House as part of the entire state budget.
Note how mandatory Health Insurance becomes a real club for other agendas. A lot more sophisticated control than running the risk of a cop checking your license. No wonder there are Tea Parties.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Chicago's Mayor offers to stick a gun up a reporters butt at press conference

For UU's unclear about the lunatics running Illinois. Chicago's Mayor responding to a reporters question on the ineffectiveness of Chicago's gun laws to reduce endemic violence.

The Trib's John Kass holds a reader's poll to select some of the dumbist from a list going back years. My vote,
Responding to revelations about his hand-picked alderman, Patrick Huels, being forced to resign after accepting a $1.25 million "loan" from Daley pal Michael Tadin:

" 'It's a wake-up call,' I said to me."
Come June and the Blagojevich trial the world will start hearing these thugs from wire taps. Maybe that'll wake up everyone.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Response to President Calderon

A good response to Calderon's criticism of Arizona. Unitarian Universalism one of those quintessentially USAmerican ideas immigrants to America eventually must accept to become Americans (vs visitors with or without work permits). Reconciling ourselves to our USAmerican exceptionalism and our commitment to "diversity" the challange that makes or breaks our association of Churches. We fail, someone else picks up our Heritage.

The Dawn: Taliban blow up "US spies" in North Waziristan

Via The Dawn HT Long War Journal,
MIRAMSHAH: Taliban militants strapped explosives on two men accused of being US spies and blew them up at a public execution in northwest Pakistan, intelligence officials and residents said on Friday.

The killings took place on Thursday evening in North Waziristan, a lawless al Qaeda and Taliban sanctuary on the Afghan border where the United States has stepped up attacks with missile-firing drone aircraft, fuelling militant fears of spies.

Five masked militants paraded the hand-cuffed men before dozens of people in the Datta Kheil area and accused them of passing information to the United States on targets for its CIA-operated pilotless drone aircraft.

“They strapped explosives around their bodies and then blew them up,” a Pakistani intelligence official in the region told Reuters by telephone.

Militants have killed hundreds of people they suspect are spies for the United States or the Pakistani government over the past few years.

They usually decapitate or shoot the suspects. Residents said this was the first time the militants had blown up suspected spies.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Did UUA read the Law?

Holder didn't. Seem like those who voted for us to take a 600k hit, should have read the law first. That seems the diligent thing for a board member to do.

Michcael Yon: We are losing the war.

Congress ought to call Petreaus and McChrystal to the hill to respond.

A new dispatch on Afghanistan is up: PENGUINS OF AFGHANISTAN

My intentions were to write several more dispatches about missions, yet there seems to be so little interest in Afghanistan that it hardly seems worth the time to write about real missions.

There is little embedded work coming from Afghanistan. McChrystal's censorship seems to be working. (For now.) He's losing the war and covering it up. The deception is easy when so few people are paying attention. We are losing the war. At this rate it will be lost.


Very Respectfully,

Michael Yon

I need a freakin job

No more Humphrey Hawkins Democrats anymore.... I remember 1970's Economics Classes in College and debating if 5% unemployment was too much or the "natural" level in the economy. ...the Feb 2010 report.

Iranian Sufis' House of Worship 'Attacked By Militia'

via RFE/RL,
Iranian militiamen have raided a Sufi house of worship in the northern city of Karaj, a Sufi community leader told RFE/RL's Radio Farda.

Mostafa Azmayesh is a representative of the Sufi Nematollahi Gonabadi order, which suffered the attack. Azmayesh told Radio Farda on May 12 that roughly 100 members of the Basij security force accompanied by plainclothes agents on motorcycles attacked the house of worship on May 10 in this city west of Tehran.

The attackers were prevented from entering the building and were later dispersed by police.

Iran's Basij is a semi-regular volunteer militia. The attackers shouted slogans against Sufism, a branch of Islam regarded as heresy by some conservative Muslim clerics.
What's interesting is the militiamen were driven off....

شبه نظامیان ایرانی خانه صوفی عبادت در شمال شهرستان کرج ، رهبر جامعه صوفی گفت : یورش RFE / همچنین بین دو 'ها رادیو فردا.

مصطفی Azmayesh نماینده صوفی نعمت اللهی گنابادی جهت که دچار حمله شده است. Azmayesh رادیو فردا در تاریخ 12 مه گفت که تقریبا 100 عضو نیروی امنیتی بسیج به همراه مامورین لباس شخصی با موتور سیکلت به خانه عبادت در تاریخ 10 مه در غرب این شهرستان از تهران حمله کردند.

مهاجمان از ورود به ساختمان ، جلوگیری کرده اند و بعدها توسط پلیس پراکنده.

نیروی مقاومت بسیج ایران ، نیمه منظم شبه نظامی داوطلب است. حمله کنندگان با سر دادن شعارهای علیه عرفان ، شاخه ای از اسلام را به عنوان ارتداد توسط برخی از روحانیان محافظه کار مسلمان محسوب میشود.
چه جالب شبه نظامیان خارج رانده شدند.... است

Monday, May 10, 2010

Moe Lane: Chicago politicos ‘’suiciding’ right and left…’

Moe concludes,
You know, it’s not that I think that this current administration is really, deeply, personally involved in any of this; it’s that I think that this administration effectively grew up breathing the poisonous air of the Windy City, got used to it - and that it now assumes that America is merely a larger Chicago.
Yep, Moe's got it.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Friday, May 07, 2010

Pence: Let It Be Said Now More Than Ever - We're a Nation of Prayer

I doubt more than I believe, but I've never known anyone hurt by listening to a Prayer.

Pelosi Care Insanity

More fallout from this lethal bill. Killing the innovation and costing the US jobs: Mass. device firms see health law as burden
Massachusetts medical-device companies say they’ll cut back on operational costs - and jobs - after a planned 2.3 percent tax on their products is implemented in 2013, according to a new survey.

The Massachusetts Medical Device Industry Council, which held its annual meeting yesterday in Boston, said about 90 percent of the 100 medical-device firms said they would reduce costs due to the new tax tucked into the recently passed health-care reform bill.

The tax - imposed to help pay for the massive health-care industry overhaul and expansion - is “of the greatest concern” to a majority of its members, the survey found.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Black Tea Partiers Speak

Chicago's WVON dj Charles Butler on the Tea Party: Black Tea Partiers Speak
Butler said he is a member because his hometown leader, President Barack Obama, is offering the wrong solutions to the nation's problems. He is very vocal about it on "The Other Side with Charles Butler,'' which airs weekday evenings on Chicago's WVON, 1690-AM and has been on the air since 2007. Within the next several weeks, Butler plans to host a Tea Party on Chicago's South Side, Obama's old stomping grounds.

Noticing that the Tea Party movement has flourished under Obama, some on the left have accused blacks like Butler and Marcus of being pawns in an odious, racist attempt to block the president's success. Indeed, racial animosity reared its ugly head when some people hurled racial epithets at black elected officials during a protest of health care reform.

Butler is unfazed. "I'm involved in the Tea Party movement and the Republican Party because I feel that people should be able to express themselves and their values without a filter of some other group," he said, holding court during an interview with The Root as if he were on air. "People call you a traitor. They call you all kinds of disparaging names. I couldn't care less about being called an Uncle Tom, because again, that leads to the miseducation of the Negro. Anyone who has read the book by Harriet Beecher Stowe would know that Uncle Tom was a hero. We have a lot of those fallacies going on in the community, like the Democratic Party has helped black folk. That is patently untrue."
via Arlene Jone's (buy her book!) facebook page.

Faisal Shahzad: Son of Pakistan's Elite

So another son of the elite gone terrorist. A Berkman like idealist for sure....
Shahzad's family is well-connected among Pakistan's elite. He is reportedly a son of retired Air Vice Marshall Baharul Haq, a former top officer in the Pakistani Air Force.

The first hint of a link between the failed attack in Times Square and Pakistan emerged just hours after the bomb was discovered. Within 24 hours of the failed attack, two top leaders of the Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan who are currently thought to be sheltering in North Waziristan released tapes claiming credit for the attack and threatening more attacks in the US. But senior US officials initially dismissed the reports and speculated that the attack was carried out by a "lone wolf."

Read more:

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Bill Roggio: FBI arrests Pakistani-American sought in failed Times Square car bombing

Bill writes,
The FBI has detained a Pakistani-American suspect who was wanted for his involvement in the failed May 2 car bomb attack at Times Square in New York City.

Authorities arrested Shahzad Faisal on Long Island on Monday night after discovering he was behind the purchase of the SUV used in the Times Square attack. Shahzad was detained at JFK Airport while attempting to leave the US, the Associated Press reported.

Faisal is a naturalized American citizen who is originally from Pakistan. He recently returned from Pakistan after spending five months there. While the exact movements of Faisal are not yet known, US intelligence officials contacted by The Long War Journal believe he spent time in al Qaeda or Taliban training camps in North Waziristan.

"North Waziristan is the heart of al Qaeda's external operations network," an intelligence official said. Previous al Qaeda plots, such as the attempted suicide attacks in New York's subway system in September 2009 by Najibullah Zazi and his accomplices, were hatched in North Waziristan. Zazi, an Afghan citizen, traveled to North Waziristan for more than three-and-a-half months of training.

Faisal reportedly purchased the dark Nissan Pathfinder from an unidentified woman in Connecticut several weeks ago, using cash. The Pathfinder was found smoldering at Times Square on the evening of May 1. The Pathfinder was packed with three propane tanks, two five-gallon containers of gasoline, fireworks, and bags of fertilizer. The bomb appears to have been a crude fuel-air explosive device that was to be triggered by fireworks ignited by a timing device.

Read more:
Faisal looks a combatant with knowledge of operations. If so, don't mirandize him. He belongs in Gitmo for the duration.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Peace Making: Obama's Predator Drone Joke

via Rachel Weiner; also with a poll asking readers if it was offensive.
"Jonas Brothers are here, they're out there somewhere. Sasha and Malia are huge fans, but boys, don't get any ideas. Two words for you: predator drones. You will never see it coming. You think I'm joking?"
It was. I support the Afghan surge, but jokes about war are offensive. Especially when he's leading one.

Hakeemullah Mehsud breaks his silence, threatens US

Bill Roggio over at Long War Journal gets some video.

Exclusive: Tapes show Hakeemullah Mehsud is alive and threatens attacks in the US

Read more:

Saturday, May 01, 2010

NYT and the Oil Spill

The NYT's Editorial: Unanswered Questions on the Spill

A White House as politically attuned as this one should have been conscious of two obvious historical lessons. One was the Exxon Valdez, where a late and lame response by both industry and the federal government all but destroyed one of the country’s richest fishing grounds and ended up costing billions of dollars. The other was President George W. Bush’s hapless response to Hurricane Katrina.

Now we have another disaster in more or less the same neck of the woods, and it takes the administration more than a week to really get moving.

I'm betting political attunement caused the lagging response. Rahm and Axelrod figuring how to square the spill response with the Administrations position on off-shore drilling. Pondering how to spin the issue fogged the necessity to respond quick.

Also, Pundita's take: Pundita: Are you sitting down for this? New York Times creeps close to criticizing Obama’s response to oil spill

Unitarian Universalist hate speech

So, do we cross-a-line when a UU celebrates a fellow like Alexander Berkman? A fellow who did 14 years for the attempted murder of Henry Clay Frisk.

A little more on Berkman via Emma Goldman,
"Sasha had never made bombs before, but Most's `Science of Revolutionary Warfare' was a good textbook. He would procure dynamite from a comrade he knew on Staten Island. He had waited for this sublime moment to serve the Cause, to give his life for the people. He would go to Pittsburgh."

"`We will go with you!' Fedya and I cried together. But Sasha would not listen to it. He insisted that it was unnecessary and criminal to waste three lives on one man."

"We sat down, Sasha between us, holding our hands. In a quiet and even tone he began to unfold to us his plan. He would perfect a time regulator for the bomb that would enable hom to kill Frick, yet save himself. Not because he wanted to escape, No; he wanted to live long enough to justify his act in court, so that the American people might know that he was not a criminal, but an idealist."

"`I will kill Frick,' Sasha said, `and of course I shall be condemned to death. I will die proudly in the assurance that I gave my life for the people. But I will die by my own hand, like Lingg. Never will I permit our enemies to kill me.'"
A perfect modern-day homicide-bomber Berkman could be. Not a murderer, but an idealist... aren't they all?

The Quincy Tea Party's Go Get 'em Girl

Videos for UU's pondering the Tea Party. Obama visited Illinois's 17th district to give its Rep, Phil Hare a boost. The 17th has long been considered a Democrat safe seat but the Tea Party's upset that calculation. Hare's in trouble.

Rep McCotter PR on Iran's Election to the UN Commission on the Status of Women

Good presser on a shameful moment.
April 29, 2010

CONTACT: Anne Tyrrell
Office: 202-225-8171
Cell: 202-372-7403

The U.N. Salts Iranian Women’s Wounds:

McCotter Denounces Iran’s Election to the U.N. Commission on the Status of Women

Washington, DC – U.S. Representative Thaddeus G. McCotter (R-MI), chairman of the Republican House Policy Committee, has issued the following statement:

“By electing the Tehran butchers to its Commission on the Status of Women, a morally rancid United Nations has salted the wounds of the Iranian freedom movement’s regime-murdered martyrs, such as Neda Soltan and Taraneh Mousavi. From today forth, may no friend of Lady Liberty ever be fool enough to trust this global Tammany Hall with their freedom and security.”