Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Al-Hayat Editorial Board Director: Fatwas Banning Soccer Reflect Crisis in Islamic World

From MEMRI's translation of a recent Al-Hayat Editorial: Fatwas Banning Soccer Reflect Crisis in Islamic World
"...These fatwas, and the attempt to forcibly hijack the religion in Somalia and other places, prove that the Islamic world is in a crisis that does not end with a ban on soccer or with the extremism of a single group – but that the problem now is much more profound, because there are extremist minds that are trying, in the name of the religion, to destroy the minds of simple folk, 'superficial minds' that are incapable of waking up and thinking when presented with 'booby-trapped' fatwas based on prohibitions, accusation of apostasy, and murder. And the governments and the legitimate Islamic organizations remain silent."
Muslims aren't the only religous remaining silent either. Silence won't let us escape this hijack. Looking the other way no help.


Amy said...

Banning soccer has to be the stupidest PR move by a religious movement since conservative US Christians attacked Harry Potter. One can only hope that such religious extremism defeats itself.

I don't think people's minds are as simple as this author fears, though I don't know how to prevent people from embracing fundamentalist ideas except to give them access to hopeful alternatives. It seems to me the latter are plentiful in the US and everyone has the freedom to learn about them, yet millions choose repressive religion . . . Why do you think that is? What do you think might be a remedy?

Bill Baar said...

After Rev Sinkford's warm words towards Akmenijad last year, I worry too many UUs chose repressive religion. That's my fear.