Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bumper sticker Religion

A Theology school transforming itself into a school to train others from many faiths yet only able to attract interest from one UCC seminary, and theology reduced to bumper sticker advocacy, seem like very bad portents for a collection of Churches about to go through some very tough financial times in the coming years.

Just sayin.


Robin Edgar said...

I think a whole lot of U*Us, including no shortage of U*U clergy. . . don't even know the meaning of the word theology these days bill.

Robin Edgar said...


Bill Baar said...

The post was inspired by a comment from a UU Minister. It must be a notion out there among the clergy who've noticed the gathering fiscal storm.

Douglass Davidoff said...

Dear Bill,

You commented on this on two occasions in July at the blog, operated by the Office of Development and Alumni/ae Affairs at Meadville Lombard. We neglected to respond in a timely way to your second set of comments. I just posted a reply at this link.

Kind regards,
Doug Davidoff