Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hasan Nuhanovic: 15 years after the Srebrenica massacre, a survivor buries his family

I hitch hiked around Bosnia the summer of 1971. People would just take me in for the night. Very kind and friendly people. I was stunned Europe and the United States just sat back and watched this all unfold in 1995 and imagining those folks were now caught in this. From Nuhanovic,
I held the remains of my brother's jeans. Metal buttons. Part of the inside of the pockets. Everything that was made of cotton had fallen apart. Only the synthetic material was left.

There was another tag, just a little dirty, that survived among the fragments of cloth.

It said "Made in Portugal."

All day I saw that "Made in Portugal" before my eyes. And for my whole life, I think, I will see that. I'm going to hate everything that was "Made in Portugal," just like I hated the Heineken beer that the Dutch U.N. soldiers were guzzling in Potocari, on the base, less than an hour after they drove all the Muslims off -- right into the Serbs' hands. Or maybe I will love everything that has "Made in Portugal" on it, everything that will remind me, for the rest of my life, of my murdered brother.
Worse than watch really. Europe stood back and sort of helped.

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