Monday, July 05, 2010

Norman Thomas: Why I am a Socialist

Chicago's Democratic Socialist of America posts the classic. Timely since many UUs and others tossing the word about losely. It's worth a glance back on a classic.


Amy said...

Thanks for this link. If I have ever read this, it was much too long ago. It's amazingly current and affirms that I am indeed a socialist (and even a Socialist, if I can find a party to join . . . ). While Norman Thomas's is not the definitive word on what socialism is and is not, I agree that anyone who calls themselves a socialist (or an anti-socialist) ought to read it.

Bill Baar said...

no problems....follow the DSA link and join them then.

You'll be on the path to becoming tomorrow's generation of neo-cons.

Amy said...

Aaaaah! Heaven forbid!