Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pak Taliban: 3,000 terrorists for India battle

via Rediff
Pakistan's Taliban [ Images ] claims it has organised 3,000 terrorists for its declared battle against India [ Images ], the Taliban spokesperson tells Tahir Ali in Islamabad [ Images ].

The Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan has declared it is training terrorists to launch an attack on India.

The TTP is the Pakistan counterpart of Afghanistan's Taliban and has been blamed for several terror attacks in that country.

TTP spokesperson Azam Tariq told this correspondent in a telephone interview that the TTP has vowed to capture "Hindustan".

"India is our jageer (domain)," Tariq said, "and we will attack to take possession of it. We are training lots of fighters and suicide bombers who will be used for this purpose."

He added the Taliban would fight a "decisive' battle" in India before proceeding towards the Middle East, presumably to evict Israel from that region.

After taking control of Pakistan and Afghanistan, the TTP spokesperson said the Taliban would move towards India.

Tariq said Islamic scriptures have predicted a victory over "non-believers".

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