Monday, July 05, 2010

Why another Obama blog?

The first post from a pair of guys who know Illinois and Chicago: Dan Curry and John Pearman.

Because, charitably, there’s a force field around Barack Obama that seemingly prevents the mainstream press from exploring in any depth the relationship between Rod Blagojevich/Illinois corruption and Obama. As steller Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass once put it, “it’s no secret that some in journalism get offended when anyone dares mention that the president was involved in Chicago politics.”

When a narrative emerges that harms Obama, the local and national press go into energetic defense mode, explaining in great detail why the meme is not valid. That same energy dissipates when legitimate avenues of inquiry are raised. Bill Ayers, anyone? I talked to many a Chicago reporter who yawned when John McCain raised that association as a campaign issue.

That point was dramatically illustrated two years ago when a conservative researcher pointed out that Obama had once chaired a board that gave away $115 million in education grants, a position that amounted to Obama’s only executive experience. Despite millions of words about Obama’s past, not one Chicago or national media outlet reported the chairmanship, which lasted nearly five years.

So we do not trust the mainstream press to relay the full story as the Blagojevich corruption trial unravels ingloriously at 219 S. Dearborn St. during the next several months. Consider our offering as a supplement to what you’ll find here and here. Our qualifications to add something meaningful are here. I hope you find our analysis helpful. And if you have an angle we are neglecting, please contact us here.

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