Saturday, August 28, 2010

Give me your questions for Glenn Beck

'Cause I'll be interviewing him at Right Nation 2010,
Ever want to meet that person you know well simply by just reading their daily blog updates? They’re those people who have slugged away, hour after hour, most of them without compensation, at their keyboards and video cams to bring you the news from their neighborhoods and counties. Some of them are best at spouting off the very things you’re thinking. Sometimes their news is welcomed, but lots of times it’s not.

They’re the 21st century’s Paul Reveres. And their value in our modern day lives is immeasurable. They are helping us clean up the messes lame stream media has ignored or refused to expose. They are making a difference. And in our opinion, it’s time they were given the recognition due.

Well, at least ten of Illinois’ most talked about bloggers have agreed to make public appearances at Right Nation 2010′s Activist Training Conference in the afternoon hours leading up to the Right Nation 2010 Convention Saturday night, September 18th. They’ll be joining the controversial Andrew Breitbart, founder of and reporting on Glenn Beck’s keynote later in the evening.

These gutsy, opinionated bloggers (who’ve agreed to leave their pjs at home) are the writers of the St. Louis area’s Gateway Pundit, Chicago’s Marathon Pundit,American Princess, Publius Forum, McLean Co’s McLean County Pundit, Chicago News Bench, GOP USA-IL Daily Clips, Cao’s Blog, our own Illinois Review and Bill Baar’s West Side blog. These great people may even sign autographs if you want!

And here's Right Nation's 2010 Trailer,


Chalicechick said...

I've met people who take just about everything you say at face value and trust your program as a news source. I've met others who like your show very much for the entertainment value and say that it doesn't matter if you overstate your case or make the occaisional point unsupported by fact since you're just being funny.

Do you see your show as news, entertainment or both?

Bill Baar said...



T. Mannis said...

No no, give ME your questions for Glenn Beck! (Looking forward to meeting you there, Bill.)