Thursday, November 18, 2010

Abbas Goya: MultiCulturalism = MultiRacism

Goya's take quoting Maryam Naimize. A twist on tolerance through non-Western eyes,
The mere fact of stating "tolerance" towards other people is a humiliation to mankind. It is to say that people would otherwise dislike/hate each other. This is as if you are saying "be a tolerant racist".

When it comes to "tolerating ideas" why should anyone respect or accept the idea that encourages beating children, circumcision of women, beheading infidels, that earth is flat, etc. And if that idea is the law of the country or a practice of a community why should I tolerate that law or practice?

No matter in which context multiculturalism applies the word "tolerance", it is either a derogatory, a racist implication. or it is to accept injustices.

As Maryam Namzie puts it:

“Multi-culturalism always gives precedence to cultural and religious norms, however reactionary, over the human being and her rights. And it always sees communities as having one homogeneous belief and opinion – often times taking the most reactionary segment of that community – the imams and elders’ beliefs – as the belief and culture of the whole.

Multi-culturalism’s promotion of respect for beliefs and opinions is so strong that even when rights are violated, women mutilated and killed, girls victimised, respect for those beliefs and norms take precedence over individual and universal rights.

There is a real contradiction between cultural relativism and multi-culturalism on the one hand and individual rights on the other."

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