Friday, November 19, 2010

Real Clear Relgion

Real Clear Politics one of the first sites I hit each morning. Now they've brought us Real Clear Religion too. A sample for today:

Does NY Times Think Facts Are Optional? - Terry Mattingly, Get Religion
The Best Church Choir In America - Hamil Harris, Washington Post
The Book of Mormon Announces Initial Casting - New York Theatre Guide
Deeper Magic, Deeper Meanings in Harry Potter - Evan Weppler, Patheos
Harry Potter on Mars Hill - Linda Peacore, Christianity Today
How to Understand Archbishop Dolan's Win - John Allen, NC Reporter
Sagrada Famalia: a Cathedral for Our Times - Austen Ivereigh, Guardian
Pope Pleads for Life of Pakistani Woman - Sarah Delaney, Catholic Herald
Saudi Religious Police Ease Up During Haj - Ulf Laessing, Reuters
How Religious Jews Might Work Together - David Lasher, First Things
Bad Boy Rapper Shyne Goes Kosher - Kevin Flower, CNN Belief
What If Mennonites Ran the World? - Jeremy Yoder, Work & Hope Blog

Sermons and Self-Help

Christ the King, Then and Now - Pat Gohn
Suffer the Little Children - James Emery White

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