Sunday, November 28, 2010

Uncommitted Relationships

Lucky he's not a politician.
"The Rev. John H. Thomas, former general minister and president, has shared with UCC leaders, including the current Collegium of Officers, Conference Ministers and others, that he and his wife, Lynda, are in the process of divorcing, and that he has formed a relationship with another woman with whom he worked while in Cleveland. While it is not appropriate to discuss details of this matter publicly, it is important that, as officers of the church, we respond with truth and clarification when questions or concerns are raised. Both parties have informed the Collegium that the relationship is entirely consensual and, at the urging of the Collegium, Rev. Thomas has also informed the Church and Ministry Department of the Western Reserve Association of the matter.
Was Thomas her boss? Weird to note this committed relationship was consensual. One thing that drives me more conservative is I wish, in this case, the fellow would man-up and just say things as they are. None of these vague words about a very human failing.

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