Saturday, January 15, 2011

John Fea: An Evangelical Pastor Gets a History Lesson

Given the Alice-in-Wonderland like logic in some UU blog posts the past week, it's embarrassing to find an Evangelical who honestly admits when the facts in his narrative gone quite false. Via An Evangelical Pastor Gets a History Lesson

Footnote: From Martin Gilbert's reflections on writing history,
On the tomb of the nineteenth century Church historian Bishop Mandel Creighton are inscribed the words: "He tried to write true history."

Like the bishop - who was a member of my own college at Oxford - I believe that there is such a thing as "true history".

What happened in the past is unalterable and definite. To uncover it - or as much of it as possible - the historian has several tools, among them chronology, documentation, memoirs, and the vast apparatus of scholarly work in which others have delved and laboured in the same vineyard.


Not only do I believe that it is possible to tell a true and straight and clear tale, I also welcome any corrections and amendments and additions to what I have published.

My work has continually been enhanced by those who have written to me on matters of detail - to point out errors, or to correct lack of clarity, or to add new factual dimensions. Hopefully, this website will encourage such contact. No author can live in an ivory tower, free from the help and comments - and hopefully even the enthusiasm - of readers.
One can tell a straight tale. Sometimes there's fifteen tons of documents to wade through. Or sometimes just fifteen tons of bad vibes on Sarah Palin. Either way, get through it and tell the straight tale.

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