Monday, January 31, 2011

Jordan: In Bed With Islamists

Jordan: In Bed With Islamists

FYI for those buying the us or the MB argument.
In the aftermath of protests in Tunisia, the Jordanian public and activists groups have been engaging in sweeping protests against the extreme living conditions and inflation, and calling for the resignation of the government.

Amazingly, the Muslim Brotherhood was the only political faction in the country that announced boycotting the protests.

While this might come as a surprise to those outside Jordan, the Jordan's history with Islamic movements suggests an affair that is very different from what the supposedly moderate Jordanian government has been saying for decades.

It is not a secret that the Muslim Brotherhood has always been closer to the government than each side -- the Brotherhood and the government -- would like to admit. For a start, Jordan is one of the very few countries in which the Muslim Brotherhood is a registered charity with a legal political party.

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