Saturday, January 15, 2011

Rev. Dan O’Neal: Whoever would build permanently must build on the past

A quote from Rev Dan O'Neal from Holley Hewitt Ulbrich's: (it's a pdf) The Second Radical Reformation:The Unitarian Fellowship Movement
O’Neal suggests that the following statement be emblazoned on the doorway of Fellowships as a corrective:
“Whoever would build permanently must build on the past, he must take the foundation which is given him in the institutions and ideas of the Church, whose offspring he is. He must graft himself on the old stock, and know that he bears not the root, but the root him. It is easy, I say, to deny; a small modicum of talent is required to assail and repudiate existing beliefs. But the true reformer accepts existing beliefs, and unfolds the truth that is in them into new and nobler forms of faith.”
I suspect ...not the root, but the root him a tough concept for many UUs to accept about Church (or the United States). Too many of us have learned to be on the outside looking in. A 60's hangover we've aquired.

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