Sunday, February 06, 2011

....everyone is equal in front of the TV.

From Geoffrey M. Vaughan in First Things
Sports achieve just such an egalitarianism of interest by reaching down. The achievement of the sports culture in America is that it permits a clear recognition that some people are better than others—elitism—without producing a cultural divide between those who can truly appreciate it and those who cannot. Everyone, rich and poor, intellectual and uneducated, can appreciate the achievement of elite athletes: Everyone is equal compared with Aaron Rodgers and Troy Polomalu. Even more, everyone is equal in front of the TV.

Snobbery among sports fans does not break down along social lines as so many other cultural efforts do. Reading Oprah’s latest middlebrow selection marks you as an embarrassing striver after a culture you can’t reach. Watching the Super Bowl marks you as a normal American.
If not interested in the game, then there are at least the Beer Commercials for all to share.


Doc Häagen-Dazs said...

Make it English Premier League for me, with either Corona or Becks in a glass!

Bill Baar said...

Soccer does the Becks.