Friday, February 25, 2011

First Things: The Cosmopolitan Nature of Pentecostalism

From Dale M. Coulter's The Cosmopolitan Nature of Pentecostalism
Defining Pentecostalism more precisely, however, poses a challenge equal in difficulty to the relative ease of identifying the channels through which Pentecostal DNA flooded into various regions of the world. The cosmopolitan nature of Pentecostalism works against classification in part because Pentecostalism is more a spirituality than a confessional tradition, a set of spiritual experiences to be transmitted than a set of doctrines to be taught.
To those struggling with their elevator speeches I'd suggest considering our similarity with the Pentecostal. Our UU practice a spirituality --especially suited to those uncomfortable with spirituality-- we transmit through the religous home of our churches, and not a confession easily summarized in principles, mission statements, or creeds.

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