Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hitchens, Wolpe, Harris, Artson and the Afterlife

I'm off to watch the Academy Awards but below saved for later watching. The moderator writes,
This was my second opportunity — privilege — to share a stage with Hitchens. The first time was in November 2008, when the same event organizer, American Jewish University, pitted Hitchens against Wolpe to debate “Is Religion Good?”

That disputation ended without a K.O. Hitchens, heavily self-medicated on Johnnie Walker, insisted on arguing against an extreme version of religion that Wolpe neither represented nor defended. Taken to extremes, of course religion is bad for you — but you could say the same about most anything, even scotch.
Time to pour myself one. Enjoy.

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Paul Oakley said...

Thanks for posting the video, Bill.

As usual, Hitchens and Harris arrogate to themselves the right to determine who is Christian, to reduce religion to a subset, and on occasion seem to forget they are debating Jewish not Christian leaders, yet despite these perennial weaknesses in the way they formulate their positions, this debate is interesting.

And I very much like Rabbis Wolpe and Artson. I would go to synagogue to hear either of them preach.