Monday, February 14, 2011

Joe Lieberman on Egypt | The Weekly Standard

Joe Lieberman on Egypt | The Weekly Standard
“We cannot be naïve about the obstacles and the uncertainties that lie ahead in Egypt, which is today just at the beginning of its transition to democracy. But we have seen, repeatedly in our lifetimes, democracy take root in places where few predicted it was possible. From Indonesia to Chile, and from East Germany to South Korea, authoritarian regimes have been supplanted by flourishing free societies in every corner of the earth, and the United States and the world are better for it.

“A democratic Egypt is definitely achievable, and it is clearly in our national interest to do everything we can to support the Egyptian people as they go to work to bring it into being. Americans and Egyptians are now natural allies in our hopes and aspirations for a new democratic Egypt, and so too may I add, are the people of the one mature democracy in the Middle East today—and that, of course, is Israel.

“That means we must encourage the Egyptian army to immediately lift the emergency law and to forge a genuine partnership with a broad and representative spectrum of the opposition, so that a transitional government can be formed that reflects the aspirations and inspires the confidence of the Egyptian people. It means providing whatever assistance we can as that transitional government takes steps to revise the Egyptian constitution, to open up space for real political dialogue and competition, and to lay the groundwork for elections that are truly free and fair.

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