Monday, February 28, 2011

Joel's Question on GA and the right to collective bargaining

Joel asks,
If the right of collective bargaining for public employees is so critical to our principles of human dignity and the democratic process that it justifies an emergency email from the Congregational Advocacy & Witness Director asking us to sign a petition from Interfaith Worker Justice and to participate in a strategy call with labor leaders; if it's a basic human right enshrined not only in our principles, but in the United Nations Universal Human Rights Declaration and in the first amendment to the Constitution,then why are we holding our General Assembly in North Carolina, one of only five states in the nation to outlaw collective bargaining by public employees?
No kidding. Why not hold it in Chicago at McCormick place.

I presented there once a few years ago at the American Cardiologist convention (the day Mayor Daley bulldozed Meigs field that night leaving some Cardiologists and their private planes stranded). I had a dedicated Teamster in the room to plug and unplug my laptop.

That's it. Two Teamsters dedicated to my presentation and one's sole mission "electronics" meaning only he could plug and unplug my laptop. I don't have a clue what the other guy was doing there.

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