Sunday, February 27, 2011

Laughing in Church

A friend at Church told a visitor dutifully using a blue cup at coffee hour after today's service, that the thing that stood out for him about our UU Church was people could laugh in Church. My friend had never heard laughter in Church growing up non-UU.

Laughing in Church probably says more about UUism than any list of principles.


Paul Oakley said...

Interesting that your friend had that experience of religion growing up.

I grew up fundamentalist. Many were the hellfireandbrimstone sermons. But it was rare when even the lower quality preachers didn't either start with a joke or insert one to break the tension somewhere midway through. Laughter was expected in response.

Its true that, on balance, things were pretty serious. But not to the point of banishing laughter - because Sodom burned tomorrow. Today the three men emerged from Abraham's terebinths and made Sarah laugh.

Bill Baar said...

I was surprised too. The friend grew up Catholic and I don't have that much old-school Catholic experience. I thought we did a nice job welcoming a visitor though and I liked the focus on how our Church home worked rather dry talk about what anyone believed.