Monday, February 14, 2011

قطع تمامی ارتباطات تلفنی موسوی و رهنورد، انسداد کوچه منتهی به منزل توسط پلیس / Mousavi's communication channels cut off

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On the day of proposed demonstrations by Mousavi and Karroubi in support for the popular uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia against dictatorship, cell phones of Mir Hossein Mousavi and Zahra Rahnavard – Mousavi’s wife- as well as land lines of their residence all have been disconnected by government. All, communication channels including internet networks of their residence have also been disconnected. Additionally since this morning security forces have blocked the alley where Mousavi’s residence is located at with their cars and prevent anyone from entering or exiting.

تمامی تلفن های منزل و تلفن همراه آقای موسوی و خانم رهنورد از روز گذشته قطع شده است. از صبح امروز نیز در ابتدای کوچه بن بستی که منزل میرحسین و رهنورد در آن قرار دارد توسط ماشین پلیس مسدود شده است

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