Sunday, February 13, 2011

Taiz, the sleeping giant, protests, Update: Self immolation by 22 year old

Via Armies of Liberation who notes, I really hope the trend of self-immolation tapers off. A shahid for democracy is still dead. Some expression of solidarity from those of us in the west lets protestors know were watching and no need to become a shahid for democracy.
By Abdullah al-Qubati, for Yemenat
Sanaa- Thousands people took street rally Saturday evening in the central city of Taiz for second day in a row, shouting for Saleh regime overthrow.

At least 15,000 crowded at the main street of Jamaal chanting slogans: listening "No autocracy after today.. "the people want to bring down the regime".. "Jada: be ready, another one will come to", in reference to the Saudi town, in which former President of Tunisia arrived after last Tunisian uprising.

Separately, a jobless 22 years young man burned himself in Taiz protesting on the difficult living conditions, inflaming outrage among the local people.

About 4000 protesters went to street rally last Friday in the city streets in favor of the Egyptian uprising that ousted their President Husni Mubarak, a high number of them have not left the stage.

Among of the organizers, a pro-change group of Taiz youth called themselves "Youth towards change (Irhal)".

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