Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dara'a Syria

Via RFS again,

Dara'a. There are reports that over 100 peaceful demonstrators have been killed in Dara'a on Wednesday, with many more injured. Dara'a hospital is not equipped to handle this number of injured. Power has been cut-off from the city, which is endangering the lives of the injured. No shipments of food are allowed and water conditions are deteriorating fast. With 100,000 people in the city, diseases will break out soon if the international community and the Red Cross do not come to its aid. Not one word on the Washington Post website about the killing streets in Dara'a. 
UAE. a Video of Syrians demonstrating in Dubai in support of Syrians at home. 

Global Presence. With some 16 million Syrians in the Diaspora, many are shocked by the videos they have been witnessing of Assad's savagery. Many have started planning their own rallies in western capitals in support of Syrians at home. 

State Department. The only words offered by the US State Department as of yesterday is "Restrain" and then an excuse and justification of why the US sent its Ambassador to Syria. As if the he has stopped Assad from killing. Clearly, there is a shift in policy on Syria against its people.

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