Thursday, March 24, 2011

“Disarray.” - Swampland

“Disarray.” - Swampland

Cordesman says the infamous fog of war has drifted far beyond the battlefield. "The problem is not so much mission creep," he says, "but mission confusion."

McCaffrey agrees, and sees evidence of that murkiness in the men in uniform the Administration has been rolling out to detail the war plan. "The Administration put (Adm. Mike) Mullen and (Army Gen.) Carter Ham, with a bad haircut, on TV, while Gates, Biden, Hillary Clinton and the President of the United States stayed out of sight," fumes McCaffrey. "How dare they go off, all of them, and disappear, and leave two hapless four-stars to explain what's going on in Libya."

Hapless four stars? That's a first.

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