Saturday, March 05, 2011

'Dozens killed' in Gaddafi attack on Zawiyah

Per the NYT, it was more than dozens. WARNING on videos, it's blurry but at points a little graphic.

Also, Abu Ray over at The Arabist writes Facing death in Libya
The local hospital was a simple affair and it was clear the doctors and nurses were a little overwhelmed by the sudden arrival of the groaning bloodsoaked wounded.

The weird thing is that once a bullet wound has been cleaned off, say on a corpse, it's often a tiny little hole, that somehow so much blood leaks out of.

And then a pick up truck pulled up and inside were just bodies and the crowd of young men outside went hysterical, crowding around, shouting God is great, and there is no god but God and the martyr is the beloved of god. Someone started firing their gun in the air.

Weirdly the nurses later started chanting about martyrs, and maybe it was how you cope with death.

Dead people, as it turns out, look a lot like they do in the movies except for they're a lot dirtier, in this case covered with blood and sand because they died on the beach. The next day, I saw them again, about ten of them, in the morgue, some cleaned up, a lot with blood and wounds still all over them, where they await the relatives to claim them before they are buried.

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