Saturday, March 26, 2011

More from the Reform Party of Syria -- Many Videos

Bloody Day. This has been one of the bloodiest days since the Revolution started Feb. 4 and picked up steam on March 15. We do not have accurate estimates but it may be up to 100 Syrians in different parts of the country.
Dara'a. A video showing Syrians trying to bring down Hafez al-Assad statute with sticks and bare hands. Fir shots could be heard towards the end. Another video showing people of Dara'a defacing Assad's oversized poster.
Latakiya. Three confirmed dead in Latakiya today in al-Moaasabieyh quarters. Tomorrow's burial will turn violent because the people are armed to their teeth in this coastal city.
Damascus. More reports of a large contingent of families of high ranking officials leaving from Damascus airport today. Unconfirmed. a video of a night demonstration in Douma, suburbs of Damascus.
Homs. A video of the Officers Club in Homs. One can see the anger Syrians hold for Assad.  
Rekkah. In Northeastern Syria, this video shows the demonstration in support of Dara'a and the other cities.
Dubai. A video of a demonstration in support of Syrians today in Dubai.

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Prasad said...

Syria emergency law will not be put pressure on people. If Syria come to talk with their people with peacefully then it makes some better improvement these protests will be only stop when Syrian forces handle this problem with peacefully.