Tuesday, March 22, 2011

More Syrians on the move

More from Reform Party of Syria,
Security Men. All holidays, leave of absence, and sick leaves have been forbidden. We are told of men sleeping in detention centers, fatigued, and operating under high pressure.
Dara'a. MP Khalid al-Aboud, representing Dara'a, made a fool of himself when he appeared on al-Jazeera and claimed that foreign infiltrators are behind the uprising. Asked for a proof, he said that the people are using words like FREEDOM. Even the al-Jazeera anchorwoman could not believe her ears.
Intelligence. The Military Intelligence officer responsible for the Dara'a region is none other than Zuelhelma Shalish. After the Dara'a fiasco detaining children, our sources told us that he has been relieved of his duties. Considering he is Assad's cousin, his face and incompetence will reappear soon. RPS hopes he becomes Assad's financial advisor. 

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